Recent Comments of Hu Jintao

Here is a translation of a question asked by a reporter from France, directed at Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. The Prime Minister holds press conferences annually. Below find the original Chinese.

[French “Perspective” Magazine Reporter] Hello Prime Minister Wen. We see that since the beginning of this year some countries in Northern Africa have undergone a large change. The world is also following closely the rapid development of China and in the political, economic, and cultural realms and have considered China to have instituted its own development model. The question I want to ask is, how well is China’s model of development adapted to the changing environment? Can other countries therefore utilize and be inspired by this development?

[Wen Jiabao] We have certainly been paying to Western Asia and the political upheaval in Northern Africa, but we believe that it is incorrect to draw an analogy to China using the political turmoil in Western Asia and Northern Africa.

In the thirty years since the opening of China, the Chinese economy and its society has developed rapidly and the lives of its citizens have changed for the better.  This is known by the world. Our government is earnestly working to resolve the problems that exist in the economy and in the society, and this even the common people can see.

The Chinese economy has actually changed a lot over the past few years, and our economy is now the second largest in the world. However, we recognize with sobriety that the population is large, the living standards low, the development unequal, and that China is still a developing country.

We have chosen a pathway of development that is suited for the conditions of China. This pathway contains a few characteristics: First, we must persist in treating the building of the economy as the center while vigorously pursuing economic development and the betterment of society; Second, we must adhere to a continuing people-centered and comprehensive development ; Third, we must uphold social equality and justice in order to guarantee the harmony and stability of society; Fourth, we must safeguard the democratic power of the people, promoting comprehensive development, and taking steps to utilize both the enthusiasm and creativity of the people.

We are in the midst of exploring reforms and construction, and we have never considered our method to be a model. Similarly, we consider any country free to choose their own path of development, and respect the choices of people of every county. We also think that different countries and different pathways to development should show mutual respect and learn from others and utilize one another’s strong points. Thank you.


[法国《观点》周刊记者]温总理你好。我们看到,今年年初以来,在北非的一些国家经历了很大的变化。世界也在关注着快速发展的中国,有人认为中国在政治、经济、文化等领域已经创建了属于自己的发展模式。我想问的问题是,中国的发展模式如何很好地适应变化中的大环境?其他国家能否从中国的发展模式中借鉴并得到启示? [2011-03-14 10:18:09]

[温家宝]我们十分关注西亚、北非发生的政治动荡,但是我们认为,任何把中国同西亚、北非发生政治动荡的国家相类比都是不正确的。 [2011-03-14 10:18:54]

[温家宝]改革开放30年来,中国经济社会取得了飞速的发展,人民生活明显改善,这是举世公认的。 [2011-03-14 10:20:39]

[温家宝]我们的政府在认真解决当前经济社会存在的问题,这也是老百姓有目共睹的事。 [2011-03-14 10:20:51]

[温家宝]中国经济这些年确实发生了很大的变化,我们的经济总量跃居到世界第二位,但是我们一直清醒地认识到中国人口多、底子薄、发展不平衡,依然是一个发展中国家。 [2011-03-14 10:21:00]

[温家宝]我们选择了一条适合中国国情的发展道路。 [2011-03-14 10:22:17]

[温家宝]这条道路的主要特点是:第一,必须坚持以经济建设为中心,大力促进经济发展和社会进步;第二,必须坚持以人为本,全面协调和可持续发展;第三,必须坚持社会公平正义以保持社会的和谐和稳定;第四,必须保障人民的民主权利,促进人的全面发展,以进一步调动人民的积极性和创造性。 [2011-03-14 10:23:12]

[温家宝]我们的改革和建设还在探索当中,我们从来不认为自己的发展是一种模式。 [2011-03-14 10:24:51]

[温家宝]同样,我们认为任何国家都要走适合自己国情的发展道路,我们尊重各国人民的选择。 [2011-03-14 10:25:07]

[温家宝]我们认为,不同的国家、不同的发展道路都可以相互尊重、相互学习和借鉴。谢谢你。 [2011-03-14 10:25:21]



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